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The Hilton Head Regional Habitat for Humanity operates a 10,000 square foot ReStore that accepts donations of new and gently used home furnishings, a variety of construction materials and other household items. All ReStore items are donated and sold to the public at 10% - 50% of the normal retail price. Since Habitat is designated as 501(c)(3) non-profit, donors may be eligible to receive tax deductions for the value of the donated materials.

Directions to ReStore

From Hilton Head – Take 278 West off island towards Bluffton, turn left onto Highway 46 in Bluffton at light after the Kitty’s Crossing Shopping Center (the Crescent Golf Community is on the right), go to the four-way stop and turn right. The ReStore will be about a1/2 mile on your right next to Dollar General.

From I-95 – Take 278 East towards Bluffton, turn right onto Highway 46 (the Crescent Golf Community is on the right), go to the four-way stop and turn right. The ReStore will be about a1/2 mile on your right next to Dollar General.

The ReStore supplies overstocked, discontinued, new and used building materials, furniture and home goods donated by manufacturers, contractors and individuals.

All profits from the ReStore are used to further the mission of Hilton Head Regional Habitat for Humanity by helping provide homeownership opportunities for families of low income in need of affordable and decent housing.



The Bluffton Restore is open Monday - Saturday

1223 May River Road (Rte 46) Next to Dollar General

Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm
Schedule a FREE pickup of your donation by calling 843-757-9995 during business hours and we will come to pickup the items you are donating. You can donate doors, windows, books, furniture, appliances, dishes, toys and other odds 'n ends. See the items we accept and don't accept in the list below.
Contact the ReStore staff at 843-757-9995 if you have any questions about a donation you would like to make, need more detailed directions or for any other information regarding the ReStore.

Volunteers are always needed to staff the ReStore and help with day to day operations. If you like bargains and working with the public, then the ReStore is the place for you. Please call 843-757-9995 during business hours for more information on volunteering.



Deconstruction is the hand removal of building components in the reverse order of their installation in order to carefully reclaim materials for reuse and recycling. As a homeowner, when you choose Habitat for your Deconstruction project, you will be donating the reusable materials to be resold at deep discounts in our ReStore. These savings may allow you to upgrade or expand your remodeling plans. This provides you a tax deduction, as well as the opportunity to help us raise more money to build more Habitat for Humanity homes in our area.

As a contractor, when you use our Deconstruction team, you will be working with a dedicated and qualified team of volunteers. We will come to your worksite, and free of charge, and remove reusable materials, saving you money in labor costs and disposal fees while keeping tons of materials per year from reaching our landfills. These savings may allow your customer to upgrade or expand their remodeling plans. All donations of materials are tax deductible.

Deconstruction Facts:

  • The average Deconstruction project will salvage between 50% - 90% of the materials from any given structure, depending on the scope of work.
  • The average home contains 892 million BTU's of embodied energy, an amount of energy equal to 7,826 gallons of gas or enough to drive an SUV 5.5 times around the earth.
  • For every three square feet of salvaged materials, you can build one square foot of new construction, saving all the materials that go with new construction.
  • Every year, the amount of construction debris placed in landfills equals the amount of material that could build a wall 30 feet high and 30 feet thick that could encompass the enitre continental United States. This is every year.
  • The micro-organisms that decompose this debris will release about five million tons of carbon in the form of methane gas. This is the equivalent of to the annual emissions of 3,736,000 automobiles.
  • Research shows that for every dollar of goods donated to Habitat for Humanity, 1.3 pounds of waste is kept out of our landfills.


Appliances and Electronics
Must be clean and in 100% working condition
Must have all knobs, trays, burners, shelves, trays, etc.
Generally must be 5 years old or newer
Refrigerators 10-12 years old or newer
Water Heaters 2-3 years old or newer

Bed frames in good condition and not rusty
New or slightly used bed linens with no stains

Cabinets and Countertops
Only complete cabinets with all doors and drawers
We do not accept detached cabinet doors or drawers
Must be free of rot and in useable condition

Doors and Windows
Must be in good condition, no holes, glass intact
Must not have rot, cracks or seperating
Windows must be complete units with all sashes
Metal and wood screens in good condition only
No sliding glass doors

Electrical and Electrical Fixtures
Accept electrical parts, lights, wire and harware
associated with electrical wiring
Preferably seperated by type and style
Light fixtures must be in working order
Must be clean and free of rust

Flooring Materials
Harwood/Parquet flooring must be free from rot and in
useable quantities (25 sq ft or more)
New or undamaged vinyl or ceraamic tile
Sheet vinyl/linoleum any quantity of new material rolled,
taped and measured


Must be free of rips, tears and stains
Must be in overall good condition and need no repair

Accept hardware for doors and cabinets
Must be in good condition anf free of rust
Preferably sorted by type or style

Accept full and 1/2 sheets of plywood
Accept full and 1/2 lengths of lumber (minimum 4 ft)
Siding must be full length
Must be free of nails, screws and rot

Plumbing Fixtures
Must be clean and in good working order
Toilets must include a tank cover
No rust, no cracks, no chips, no stains

Shingles must be in complete packages
Most roofing materials are accepted on case by case basis

Miscellaneous Items
Blinds, Drapes, Curtains, Window Treatments
Art Work
Entertainment Items (CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes, etc)
Fabric, Sewing Notions, Craft Supplies
Fans - in working condition
Household Items & Housewares (dishes, pots, pans, etc)
Mirrors FRAMED ONLY, no cracks